About Cash junk Cars 1 Inc.

Whether through the passage of time, extended use, or catastrophic accidents, many cars will end up junked at one point or another. However, it becomes much more inconvenient when one of these junk cars ends up in your possession with no hope of a recovery. Maybe you tried to restore an old car as a side project or sustained damage that wasn’t worth fixing. Now you’ve got a few-ton pile of metal just sitting there. Now what?

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Sell your Car Junk
At Cash Junk Cars 1 Inc, we’re ready to help you solve your 2-ton paperweight problem. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we provide fast and friendly towing services to take the cost and burden out of removing your junk car. Our expert team is available to pick up and tow your burden away from just about anywhere in or near the Fort Lauderdale area. Whether it’s in the impound lot or on your front lawn, we can come to you with a tow truck and cash in hand for your used or scrap car. Any make, model, or condition is eligible and no clunker is turned away.

We’re also fast, with same day pickup available as well as scheduled appointments so that we can work around your schedule. Once we’re up and running, your car will be gone within an hour of your scheduled time and out of your hair forever. You’ll even have some cold hard cash to wipe away your tears of joy!

Scheduled Appointments for Junk Cars

Why Choose Us?

We Don’t Judge A Car By Its Exterior

Missing some wheels? No problem! Cracked windshield and missing a door? No worries! Lost the title? All good! Whether you’ve got a rustbucket or it’s just dead from the inside, we’re interested. Regardless of the condition of your junk car, you can receive a free quote, free pickup, and easy cash for your car on the spot.

Fast & Free Towing

You’ve probably been putting off getting rid of the car for a while now because you think it takes a lot of work or someone tried to make you pay for towing, but you have nothing to worry about with us! We offer fast and free towing – just sign some papers and we’ll do the rest. Don’t wait a second longer – all you have to do is tell us where to go and we’ll be there at the time of the appointment ready to get it out of your hair.

Honest & Reliable Service

If you’ve tried to get rid of your car before, you’ve probably dealt with the dreaded “haggler”. They’ll give you one price on the phone, then once they arrive the offer changes in hopes that you’ll just want it gone. Our service experts are folks of their word, and any quote or offer you receive is totally guaranteed.

What are you waiting for?
Rusty cars aren’t like a fine wine – the less time they stick around the better!
Give us a call now at (954) 419-8394 to get a quote and schedule a pickup today.