Junk Cars Boca Raton

Most cars will end up as junkers at some point in their life. Whether through time, damage, or just plain bad luck, you might find yourself with a junk car on your hands. Unfortunately, getting rid of junk cars can be a hassle. Even worse, shady groups out there can try to take advantage of you. So lot’s up junkers just sit there, taking up space and wasting your time. 

Got a beat-up junker lying around taking up space? Why not trade that eyesore for cash? We here at Cash Junk Cars 1 will buy your junker for cold, hard cash. No exceptions, no restrictions, no obnoxious forms to sign; just you and your money. If you have a beat-up car around Boca Raton, give us a call and we will come take it off your hands. 

Here is how it works: Give us a call at 954-419-8394 and we’ll schedule an appointment to come pick up your car. We can schedule any hour, any day. We will come out to you, give you a quote for the junker. We accept all makes and models of broken down automobiles; cars, trucks, Ford, Toyota, anything. 

Once you agree, we will send out our towing service and pay you cash on the spot. We offer free towing too so you don’t have to worry about any expenses. We can guarantee the highest payouts for cash in the Boca Raton region. Our expert junk removal service will come right to you no matter where you are: house, job, impound lot, and more. We also offer same day pickup if you are in a hurry to get it off your hands. Your payment is guaranteed in real green dollar bills: no tricks, and no conditions. 

We here at Cash Junk Cars 1 pride ourselves on our fast, efficient, and friendly service. We promise to make it to your scheduled appointment within the hour and we guarantee that you will leave the transaction with real cash in your hands. We will offer up to $250 for any car, regardless of the condition. It doesn’t matter if the engine is blown, the frame is crushed, or even all the doors are missing. If it’s scrap, we want it and will take it off your hands. 

So if you have a beat-up junk that is a major eyesore on your property, don’t’ wait, call now. Our expert service team will give you a quote and figure out where you’d like us to pick up the car. We serve all areas around Boca Raton and our towing services will meet wherever you need, even if you broke down on the side of the highway. We can schedule an appointment 24/7 so you always can make an appointment. 

One we are done, you will feel alot better about having that car off your hands. You’ll feel even better with real money in your hands that you can spend on whatever you want.