Junk Cars Pompano Beach

Old cars and trucks might seem immovable, but the truth is that you can trade them in right away for cash in hand. But how can you take advantage of this excellent opportunity? By calling Cash Junk Cars 1 Inc., of course! We pay cash for junk cars all throughout the Pompano Beach area.

Get the Best Value

If you’ve never dealt with a scrap car dealership before, we don’t blame you. Too many places always try to rip hard-working folks off and steal a deal from right under their noses. We know from personal experience how frustrating that can be, but at Cash Junk Cars 1 Inc. you can rest assured that we’ll give you the best deal for your old clunker no matter what its make, model four year.

We’ll start with a guarantee of $250 minimum for any scrap vehicle. This number is negotiable during our initial phone conversation with you, and your car will be rated by expert automobile appraiser. Once we’ve settled on an amount that we are both happy with, you can also be guaranteed that we’ll never try to change the price on you or present you with a sudden fee at the time of pickup.

The cash amount we at Cash Junk Cars 1 Inc quote to you during our phone call is the cash number that you’ll receive when we arrived to pick up your old clunker. Plus, we can even guarantee that we’ll pay the highest amount in the Pompano Beach area compared to other junkyards.

We’ll Come to You

That’s the next best part; you don’t have to somehow navigate your old car down to our junkyard. This is great for you since junk cars can be hazardous to drive around or toe without an official tow truck and the associated equipment. No need to risk your current car for the sake of your beat-up clunker!

Instead, we’ll send a tow truck out to meet you and to take away your car based on a preset appointment. Our hours are flexible and we’re open 24/7, so no matter what your schedule is we are sure that we can fit something in.

Once we’ve arrived, we’ll hand you cash for your junk car and hook up your truck or car and be on our way. There won’t be any sudden surprises or changes to the deal we agreed to; you’ll get exactly what we discussed over the phone. The entire process will only take a few minutes and then you’ll have some extra money and a clean driveway ready to be filled with a new car. It’s that simple.

As you can see, there’s no reason to hesitate and have to suffer through the eyesore of your junker car any longer. Just pick up the phone and give us a call and we’ll get started right away on finding a time that works best for you and a price quote that we can both agree is fair.

Call Cash Junk Cars 1 Inc at (954) 419-8394 for your quote and to set an appointment!