How to Get Money for your Totaled Car

Being in a serious accident can be one of the most traumatic moments in your life. It can cause not only financial strain but can also create serious emotional turmoil for you too. The stress and anxiety set in by being in a horrible car wreck can last for ages.

The idea of having to also figure out what to do with your crashed car is another headache that you just do not want or need to deal with. What do you do with this wrecked vehicle? Do you get rid of it? Can you get rid of it? Will you receive anything for it?

The answer is yes to all of those things. Here is what to do to get some money for your totaled car.

Sell it to your Insurance Company

If your car is in really bad shape after a wreck and no longer runs, your insurance company will most definitely be involved. There is a chance that they may offer to buy your totaled vehicle themselves. They will arrange for the pick-up and will handle most of the paperwork too so that will take a lot of stress off your plate.

However, you are going to want to shop around before you decide to sell to your insurance company. There is a chance that they will low-ball you and not offer you as much as they could. They are hoping you are just ready to throw in the towel and avoid any hassles. Don’t just go for their offer without looking around at other choices.

Put Up an Ad

It may be surprising to hear but some people are actually interested in buying trashed cars. There are car enthusiasts, repairmen and hobbyists who don’t mind that your car is totally mangled. They want the pieces inside for their other vehicles or home projects. This is definitely true if your wrecked car is older and rare. You should put up an ad to sell your totaled car and see what responses you get. Make
sure to not list a price right away though. Let the offers come to you and then haggle and decide from there. You shouldn’t expect too much money offered with this route but at least it is better than nothing.

As always, if you are selling to a stranger make sure you are extra safe when you meet up with them. Meet at a well-lit populated place and bring a friend just in case. Try your hardest to avoid meeting at your home.

Sell it to a Junkyards

No matter how bad your car is, a junkyard will likely be interested in it. They deal primarily in junk so they aren’t afraid of a banged up vehicle that is considered a total loss. You probably have a few junkyards in your hometown, you just might not be aware of them. Head to the phone book or Google and find your local junkyards and then call around. Explain honestly the situation with your car and what
condition it is in and see what sort of price you could work out. Some junkyards will even drive out to your location to pick the car up themselves so that is a nice bonus.


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