Junk Title and Salvage Title: What’s the Difference?

If you are looking to sell your car, you might be wondering what the difference is between a junk car title and a salvage auto title. In this blog post, we will discuss both types of titles and help you decide which one is best for your situation.

Junk Auto

A junk auto is typically a vehicle that has been in an accident, and the insurance company declares it totaled. The car may be too damaged for repair or simply not worth repairing because replacement parts are difficult to find. A junk auto must first go through a salvage process before receiving its new legal status as “junk.” This means the car’s identification number (VIN) will be removed from all of your State Department records, meaning you can’t register this vehicle with any other state in order to sell it, which makes selling a total loss virtually impossible.

Salvage Auto

The salvage auto is one that will have been assigned to your vehicle by the DMV. In most cases, this type of title has been applied because of some damage or major defect caused by an accident (whether covered under insurance or not). A salvage car can be sold for scrap metal to get money back out of it and must comply with specific regulations before being operated on public roads.

Junk Auto Vs. Salvage Vehicle Titles

So you’re considering selling your car? But, what’s the difference between a junk car and a salvage auto? Do both mean that the vehicle is totaled and not worth anything at all to repair or sell for parts?

While both junk titles and wrecked cars are vehicles that cannot be driven on a highway, there seems to be more overlap between these two terms than you might think at first glance. Either way, when looking into getting rid of your old beat-up ride, make sure you know the difference.

Here are some of the key differences:

  • Junk means it has been declared as being “totaled” with no chance of saving.
  • Salvage means that the vehicle doesn’t run but can be repaired.

A salvage title can’t be issued to any vehicle that has been declared junk or totaled by an insurance company, but it could have mechanical issues which make it difficult to fix. So if you plan on getting rid of your old beat-up hunk-o’-junk, go ahead and use a junked license plate sticker!

Also, with a salvage auto, they leave the option of repairing the car and having it inspected for a new title and registration available. After the vehicle has been judged roadworthy by an authorized inspecting body, a Prior Salvage title or Rebuilt Title may be given. It is a document that declares your vehicle has had major body damage at one time but was repaired and deemed safe by an auto repair shop. However, with a junk car certificate, this is not the case.

What can you do with a junk car title?

A junk auto is typically not worth much. This means that the vehicle can be taken to a junkyard and sold for parts. Once you have a junk-titled car, there’s only one option: taking what you can use and sending the rest to the scrap yard.

What can you do with a salvage auto title?

A salvage car is worth much more than a junk car. The vehicle can be fixed up and sold for profit, or it can go back to the original owner, who may end up paying less in insurance costs due to its designation under state law.

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