Pick and Pull Junkyards: How Do They Work?

If you have an old car that has seen better days and is looking to get some money out of it, you should consider a junk car removal service in Lauderdale Lakes, Florida. The owner themselves can do junk car removals, or they can hire someone else to do the work for them.


With less than 100,000 miles on, cars in good condition usually sell at salvage auctions for about $1,000-$2,500. Vehicles with more mileage will usually sell for less but still generate some cash from their sale. Selling your junk cars yourself is also an option that may give you even more money because there is no intermediary involved, or you can hire someone else to do the work for them.

Junkyards: How Does It Work?

If you have a junk car that you need to get removed, junkyards in Florida offer the best junk car removal service. This is because pick-and-pull junkyards work closely with salvage auctions and other recycling companies to buy your old cars at the best price possible. These junkyards are open seven days a week, and we provide junk car removals in all the states.

It is a straightforward way how junkyards like to operate. Here are few steps they want to follow while dealing with your old cars.

First, they would like to know about your car, for instance, year, mileage, make, overall condition, model, and if you have the title. Then, they would require the pickup address. Lastly, they would want an exact vehicle’s condition, like – any damages or problems that your car may have or if it’s repairable.

Second, the junkyard would make an instant offer to you for your car. Although, you will have enough time to think it over. If you are looking to sell your clunker, we at Cash Junk Cars 1 Inc. can give you a top-dollar cash offer. Our instance cash offer is made after evaluating the market price, scrap price of the spare parts, and buyer demand.

Lastly, they will come to tow your vehicle for free and hand you the payment. Usually, they have no hidden fees and are willing to pay you what the car is worth. They will give a quick look at your vehicle to check the condition. If everything falls according to what you have told about your vehicle, the transaction will go smoothly; handlers would give you the agreed amount in exchange for your car.

Kinds of Vehicle Junkyards Buy

Junkyards are treasure troves of parts and vehicles. To find out what they buy, you need to go over the guidelines below:

– Pick up junk cars for cash from your location or another set by meeting them – One vehicle per tow truckload (no more than two)

– They pick up junk cars from any location in your area

– They pick up only vehicles that are running and drivable or broken down into parts.

– Pickup trucks with dual rear tires (must have a tow hitch)

They Sell Car

The junkyard is a car salvage yard where you may find various used items. They also sell cars, parts for vehicles, tires, tools-the list goes on! Pick and Pull services are a great way to find the car parts you need.

In such an establishment, people can buy used auto parts and whole cars for low prices. Since they regularly purchase salvage vehicles to sell their parts – so it’s one possibility that you may find a used car at a very low price.

Why Should You Sell Your Vehicle A Junkyard?

At pick-and-pull junkyards, they pride themselves on being honest and transparent. They offer competitive prices to buy your vehicle outright or will purchase it as a trade-in towards one of our quality used cars for sale. In addition to that, some of them offer services that are unmatched by none. Here are some reasons you should look before going to any other junkyard.

  • they pay top dollar for your clunkers
  • they offer a free tow
  • the junkyards have the largest selection of inventories
  • you can trade in your old car for cash towards any one of our quality used cars
  • most of their customer service is very reliable
  • When it comes to pick and pull junkyards, the junkyard usually stay fair and transparent with all deals made
  • they recycle vehicles in an environmentally friendly way.

Pick and Pull: How Do They Work – Extract Any Parts For Free.

Now, with pick and pull junkyards, they have a different service for you junk car owners. Including the company offers its’ customers free extractions of any protruding items as well as springs and shock absorbers from your cars without any extra charges. They will deliver anything the customer needs, including spare parts or just an old tire. With pick-and-pull junkyards, they try to make your purchasing experience as easy and convenient as possible. They let you enter our junkyard, where you have to pay an entrance fee. As you go through our well-organized collection of old cars, you are allowed to extract all the parts of your choice, provided you do it yourself. So, it will be best to bring along the necessary tool to remove and pull out the parts you require.

Coming to a pick and pull service without any proper tool is not a great feeling as it makes your job much more challenging than it should be. If you want to get the best out of your experience, ensure that you are adequately equipped. Come prepared with some food and beverage, as it may take you a long time to extract what you are looking for, and bring towels and wipes to keep yourself clean, as the junkyard can be pretty greasy and dusty. When you enter a junkyard, make sure to carry with you some tools to make your extraction a little easier.

  • Screwdrivers
  • Wrenches
  • Pliers
  • drill
  • gloves
  • Hammer
  • Prybars

This list gives a general idea about what tools you should bring along for pick and pull.

Things to Consider when Visiting a Junkyard

There are a few things to take note of when visiting pick and pull junkyards. First and foremost, make sure you don’t make any mess. Try to keep away the parts at the same spot, in case you don’t need it.

Before getting into our junkyard for pick and pull, the next thing you should remember is that you are solely responsible for any injuries or death that may or may not occur due to your negligence. It is customary to sign a waiver when you enter our junkyard.

It would help if you also were careful of any junk car parts that might have fallen into the water and stay away from it; do not go near the pool. Particular heavy objects such as pieces of junk cars may fall on you if they are unstable, so watch your step at all times to prevent injury or death.

Be mindful of the signs. Do not enter this area to avoid accidents if you encounter a sign that says “No Trespassing” or any other warning sign for dangerous items such as live electric wires and hazardous chemicals.

Lastly, please be careful of junk car parts that may have sharp edges or pointy ends as they might injure you and your company at the same time if not taken care of. Be mindful always when looking for junk cars near me!

Handy Tips To Pick Junk Cars

There are a few things to keep in mind when you’re looking for junk cars or if you want to find the right spare parts from the junkyard. You can get started by reading this handy list of tips:

  • While picking up any parts, don’t leave behind extra brackets, wiring, housing, etc. Grab more than you need.
  • They deal in salvage cars, which is more useful than separate parts.
  • They also provide a warranty, in which you can get a refund or exchange of parts you picked and pulled earlier.

Most of the pick-and-pull junkyards have all the necessary inventory for you to pick and pull. They also offer the best price for your old cars. They provide a convenient and easy way to purchase car parts. A pick-and-pull junkyard is safe for both the customer and the environment because there is little risk of injury or death due to negligence, which would be common if you were looking for junk cars on your own. Pick and pull sites are also an excellent option for people who are not very car savvy to save time and money. A pick and pull junkyard is convenient, affordable, easy, and saves you the hassle of going from one hardware store to another in search of spare parts! 

Does junkyard buy any cars?

Yes, this is something that many people use to help make some money from their old junk cars. You can contact salvage yards online and get a good idea of the price they would be willing to pay for your car before you bring it down there in person. Then when you come in with the vehicle, you will get paid right away for the car without having to do any work or risk anything along the way. 

Be sure to evaluate what type of condition your car’s condition is in and then weigh out all factors involved before seeing how much money it could ultimately net you!

Do junkyards require a title to buy vehicles?

Yes, in Florida, a car title is required to buy a vehicle from another person. The only way around the titling requirement in Florida is for both parties to be present at the transaction time, sign all documents, and jointly fill out paperwork. Additionally, suppose you are ever going to purchase a car from any other state or country and need it registered in FL. In that case, you’re also going to need an original title document.

What if my name is not on the title of the car?

The car’s legal owner in Florida can be listed as the title owner in either one of two ways. The first way is by adding their name to the existing title database at a designated Florida DMV office. The second is to issue them a new certificate of ownership card and cancel out the old one. This process took about 10 minutes.

Can I buy cars from pick and pull junkyard?

A junkyard can be a good place to start when looking for a used car because it will allow you to see and test drive the auto yourself. Most people who sell used cars are not interested in letting people test drive them, so you won’t have an opportunity to do this before buying one. These places will have the car up on a lift and allow you to look underneath it. You can also take it for a test drive, which many people cannot do with just cars being sold from someone’s driveway or lot.

Junk Car Buyers in Lauderdale FL

Junk your car for cash! Cash Junk Cars 1 Inc. is a junk car buyer in Lauderdale, Florida, that buys any vehicle and pays top dollar on the spot. We buy cars from people who need to sell their cars fast or those who want to get rid of their old clunker before it breaks down completely. If you have an unwanted vehicle sitting in your driveway, we’ll come out and give you a quote right away!

You don’t have to worry about getting ripped off by shady used-car dealerships anymore because we’re here for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week with our same-day service. No matter what condition the vehicle is in – running or not – we can still pay top dollar on the spot! Call us today at (954) 419-8394 if you live near Lauderdale, Florida, and want some quick cash for your junker! We’ll make sure that when we take your junk car off your hands, it will be recycled responsibly so as not to contribute to pollution and environmental degradation.


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