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Salvage Yard - Top Rated Auto Salvage | Car Junkyard in Lauderdale FL

Salvage YardCash Junk Cars 1 Inc. offers the best auto salvage services in Lauderdale, Florida, unmatched by our competitors. We have years of experience in the industry. Our services include top-rated car junkyard professionals that will buy your junk car for cash. We will provide more money for your vehicle than any other junkyard or auto salvage lot, without any hassle at all. When it comes time to sell that old clunker – give us a call!

If you live in Lauderdale, FL, our professionals will come to your location with cash in hand! You can also call the office to get an estimate on how much your scrap car is worth before we come down and pick it up. If you’re not from this area, that’s ok too because we serve all of Broward County, so don’t worry about getting stuck driving around town trying to find someone who wants your old vehicle. For a hassle-free experience, come to us first, and one of our junkyard pros will be there ASAP!

List of Benefits when Hiring Cash Junk Cars 1 Inc.

If you need to have your Junk Car turn into cash, Cash Junk Cars 1 Inc., is the best choice for you!

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Auto Salvage and Car Junkyard - Lauderdale Junk Car Buyer

Car JunkyardThe car junkyard is one of the most effective ways to get rid of a vehicle when you no longer need it on your property or if it has become too expensive to repair (or simply doesn’t work at all). Cash Junk Cars 1 Inc. is not only environmentally friendly but also offers top dollar for your unwanted car without any hassle whatsoever.

If you have an old beater that’s just been sitting around collecting dust in the garage, then sell your junk car today with us! We pay up to $5000 for junk vehicles – call now, and we’ll tow away anywhere in Broward County, Florida, at our expense. We provide free quotes as well as convenient pick-up and towing.

Will you buy my junk car?

Yes, and we’ll take care of the whole process. Just get in touch with Cash Junk Cars and tell us about what condition your vehicle is in so we can make an offer on it. We’re here to help; this is our business. Don’t wait around if there’s something wrong with that old beater: let us step up and show you that we care about you and your junk car.

Do I have to sign anything?

No, not at all! We’ll come out to see what condition the vehicle is in for a reasonable price on it, too; no hassle or pressure whatsoever if you’re worried about something like personal information being shared-don’t be! We respect your privacy with every transaction that they do and will never share any of this confidential info with anyone else but us. You can trust our team to work with yours-we’re here for you if there’s ever an issue, complaint, or question along the way.

We are a team of professionals.

You won’t regret your decision because our team is accommodating; they’ll answer any questions that you may have before giving an estimate on how much money can be given back from your vehicle. From there, we will take care of all the paperwork to make everything go smoothly without hiccups along the way. Our goal is to provide a better service than anyone else. We want happy customers who feel like they got more than their money’s worth when working with us, so don’t hesitate: give us a call and get in touch with our team.